Hello Max, thank you to give us this interview for our Southern Rock webzine Road to Jacksonville, and it is the second Voodoo Lake interview.

RTJ : First, can you remind us when and how was born Voodoo Lake ?

Max Arrigo : At the end of the 90's I had a bunch of songs, enough for a record, so I put together the band and we headed to CEDI recordin' studios where we met Simone Ubezio.

RTJ : Can you tell us what did you do before creating Voodoo Lake, whom did you play with ?
I know you played in Southern Steel, then in Badwaiser, an Allman tribute band.
(By the way, can you tell us if these two bands have recorded some songs or albums ?)

Max Arrigo : Actually my first band was Badweiser, the founder of the project was Michele Castagna one of the best guitar players in Italy. In the early days I didn't play the guitar, I was the singer, then watching Michele I learned the job and when he left I took his place. We played cover from Chuck Berry, Georgia satellites, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman etc. I played in the Southern Steel for a couple of months just to replace one of the two guitar players.

RTJ : Can you introduce the other band musicians to us, as I know Voodoo Lake line-up has
changed a little bit.

Max Arrigo : Maurizio Spandre is a young talented Keyboard player, GianMaria Pepi the drummer and Joe Ferrante the bassplayer : I know this guys from long time and they are open mind musicians so we have a lot of fun playing together.

RTJ : This New Year event is the release of your new cd, with a kid of jam band orientation.
It was surprising because your first album had a Lynyrd Skynyrd style of sound.

Max Arrigo : With the new line up we started to jam a lot during the concerts, so we created
the sound that you can hear on the new cd.

RTJ : Can you tell us how 'Flowers in the Sand' was recorded ? How did you record it ?
Live or every musician after the others ?

Max Arrigo : Simone got this small Studio (Bottleneck) where we each musician record after
the other, but we're plannin' to record a live album soon.

RTJ : When we listen to that cd, we can hear that you play a little bit slower,
in a kind of Little Feat way on some songs. Do you love Little Feat and is it a good comparison ?

Max Arrigo : Sure I love them so much, but let me tell you It's just a case, probably
the next album will be different too.

RTJ : How did you decide to choose Giulia Coluzzi as a singer ? I think that to have a female
vocalist gets a particular original touch to the new Voodoo Lake.

Max Arrigo : Yes it's true, she joined the band during the first album recording session
as backing vocals.

RTJ : 'Flowers in the Sand' the song, is a little bit in Ry Cooder style.
Do you enjoy this musician ?

Max Arrigo : Thank you, I love him form "Paradise and Lunch" to Buena Vista social Club.
He is a great musician and producer.

RTJ : 'Fear Another' is really great, especially with Giulia Coluzzi southern voice, and the beautiful 'Sometimes' can show real impressive musical parts with a wonderful guitars work.
How do you share the guitar parts with Simone ?

Max Arrigo : WE play both lead and rhythmic guitars, and I play slide in standard tune,
he often plays open tunes.

RTJ : Can you tell to our readers, on, how can they find your album
as I know they can buy it on ?

Max Arrigo : They can go on our web site and click on Store.

RTJ : Do you play cover songs on stage ? If you do it, which are the songs you play ?

Max Arrigo : Sure we do, Ramblin' Man, Statesboro Blues, One way Out, Angel from Montgomery, Chain of Fool, The Race is On (George Jones), the Joker and many more.

RTJ : What is your best experiment or souvenir on stage ?

Max Arrigo : Every time we try to play longer then the concert before, It's a kind of competition ! We could play more then 3 hours now.

RTJ : What do you think of the other European Southern Rock bands ?

Max Arrigo : There are a lot of good bands : Flatman, Lizard, The Cell from Prague, Calibre 12, WIND, Silver Trane from Italy. It's great that each band play original songs and not covers only.

RTJ : W.I.N.D. played in France may the 27th, and made a German tour in 2005.
What do you think of this band and of their career ?

Max Arrigo : The WIND band is one of the best power trio in the world and they
deserve to reach a bigger audience.

RTJ : Do you know what becomes BLUE DOG, an Allman Italian cover band ?

Max Arrigo : Sorry I never heard about them.

RTJ : I've read that you are going to play in a Czech Southern festival April the 14th.
Do you know if Ohniva Voda will play too ? I know that the Czech Republic has a lot of Southern bands.

Max Arrigo : Yes it's true, the most popular is The Cell, the singer David Gore is from Louisiana and he married a Czech woman, the other guys from the band live in Prague.
They play southern rock 38 special style, I love them all, we're great friends.

RTJ : Usual question on Road to Jacksonville (fans enjoy it !) : if you have to finish your life
on a desert island, which 'd be the albums you take with you ?

Max Arrigo : Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore east, Grateful Dead Europe 72,
Bruce Springsteen Born to run, Lynyrd Skynyrd Second Helping, Little Feat Dixie Chicken,
Rolling Stones Exile on the main Street.

RTJ : Have you anything else to say to the French fans ?

Max Arrigo : I hope to see you all soon in France….or maybe in Italy !

RTJ : Thank you Max