RTJ : Hi Buzzy, I'd like to thank you for answering those few questions for the Website "Road to Jacksonville". Many European fans are so glad to know that Point Blank is gonna be back on stage, even if it's just for one gig. A lot of other 70's American Rock Band ( like Skynyrd,Hatchett, Marshall Tucker, ABB, Outlaws) are still alive and well, you were just missing, as Rock'n Roll soldiers I mean...LOL

Buzzy : Hello John, Thank you for your email, and such nice compliments for the band. I will be happy to answer your questions,We are all very excited about the reunion and the reception we are receiving.

RTJ: Would you tell us the reasons of this reunion.?

Buzzy: The reason for the reunion is this… we have a close friend named Preston Green, who used to work for our band on the road crew. He is currently in need of a liver transplant, and we are going to raise money to help with his expenses. Also, I believe that the timing was just right for us to finally get back together and perform again.

RTJ: Was it easy to put together the main part of the band ?

Buzzy: Yes, it was fairly easy to get the band together, because we all live close to each other in Texas. The only person that cannot make the reunion is Kim Davis. Kim works for the Peavey company as a representative, and he travels very much. His replacement is an excellent guitarist named Buddy Whittington, who has been performing with John Mayall (Bluesbreakers) for many years.

RTJ : How do you feel about this meeting ?

Buzzy :I feel fantastic about this meeting !

RTJ : Are you afraid of the very moment when you'll be back on stage ?

Buzzy : Afraid to go back on stage?? NEVER!!!! I live to play on stage.

RTJ : Did you have a lot of rehearsals ?

Buzzy :We have a well planned rehearsal schedule.

RTJ: 23 years after, is Point Blank still a wild band, with such songs like Louisiana legs, Back in the alley, Bad bees, Penthouse pauper, and sad sad song of a free free man......... ?

Buzzy :After 23 years, the members of the band have matured as men and as musicians. I believe everyone is playing better than ever before, and the music has just progressed over the years. Our subject matter for songs has matured, as well, although there's always much to write about concerning the ladies, love, and happy times.

RTJ: It's been a so long time that Point Blank fans were waiting for this moment , are you aware that for a lot of European guys you represent one of the biggest rock'n roll band of the 70's ?

Buzzy :No, I don't think we were aware of the extent of our popularity in Europe, but we're seeing it now. We are most honored to know that so many of our fans in Europe still think about us and listen to our music after all this time.

RTJ : With Phil Petty back in the band, we would have loved to see Kim Davis along with Rusty Burns, it's seems to be impossible today, why ? Is Kim definitely out of the music Business or is there a problem in between them ?

Buzzy :No, there is not a problem about Kim Davis…he just can't leave his position with Peavey company.

RTJ : Could we get the set list ?

Buzzy : The set list is not perfected yet, but I will send you an attachment of a possible list. 1. That's the Law 2. Free Man 3. Moving 4. Bad Bees 5. Lone Star Fool 6. Nasty Notions 7. Part Time Lover 8. Back In the Alley 9. Uncle Ned 10. Stars & Scars 11. Waiting For a Change 12. Mean to Your Queenie 13. Nicole 14. Waxahachie Traveler 15. Thank You Mama

RTJ : I saw in the set-list that you won't play songs such as 'Turning Back', The Hard Way, 'Rock n' Roll Soldier'. Which is your favourite Point Blank album ?

Buzzy : On this particular show, we won't have the time to play all of our songs, so we have to select what we think the people here will enjoy the most. As for which album I like the best, I guess I can't choose just one… there are so many songs on all the albums that I enjoy, it would be difficult to limit it to just one favourite album.

RTJ: A long time ago, you played some rock n' roll song just before Lone Star Fool. Is it a Point Blank song ?"

Buzzy :Yes, Waxahachie Traveler was written by us… we used to play it on all the live shows, but we never recorded it.

RTJ : Have you ever heard of a filmed concert or a TV Video of the 70's / 80's Point Blank ?

Buzzy :No, I've not heard about any filmed concerts or videos of Point Blank… do you know of any? If so, I would like a copy for myself.

RTJ : do you consider that you are a Southern Rock Band ( same family than Skynyrd, Hatchett, Blackfoot) or A Texas Heavy Blues Band ?

Buzzy :Well, our music was always considered Texas Southern Rock… but also it has blues/jazz influences.

RTJ : Unfortunately, we will not be able to be with you for this great day, is this concert gonna be video-recorded ?

Buzzy : Yes, the concert will be recorded, and I hope video taped as well.

RTJ : thank you Buzzy, we wish you a lot of pleasure and fun for this great day, we send you many thoughts. Say Hi to Rusty from the french Rock'n Roll band "Calibre 12" !!

Buzzy :Again, thank you so much for so much support and enthusiasm for Point Blank… it is friends like you and Luc that keep our name and music alive. I will pass your message along to Rusty when I see him later this week. I will let you know what is happening with the band and the concert as things progress. Take care, and give my best to your band!