Bobby Ingram's interview
by Philippe Archambeau - January 2002

Bobby Ingram in Lille - Dec 2001
Photo by John Molet

Hi Bobby, we're really happy to get you on the phone and be able to take a bit of yout new live release "Locked and loaded".

Can you tell us how has been recorded this album ?
We recorded here in Germany. We stayed here many times you know. Our record company is here in Hamburg, it's like our second home for us. The fans have been really really supportive in France and in Germany. You know we wanted to show that not only in the US, southern rock has a big fan base but also all over the world. This is a universal culture that we attend to keep strong and keep alive, with the great fans that we have all over the world. We will continue to keep recording and touring.

How did you choose the songs for this album?
You know we always play, at our concerts, the most popular of the classic songs but with this album, what we have is one third of classic Molly Hatchet songs, and two third of the album is from "Devil's canyon", "Silent reign of heroes" and "Kingdom of XII". These songs have never been recorded live, and we wanted to record them live and show everybody what it sounds like. I think we have captured the live performance on cd.

How do you like it ?
Great album, we like it a lot.

What do you like in the Rolling Stones' song "Tumbling dice" which you sometimes play on stage ?
Actually, that was done by accident I guess. We were jamming around at the sound check before a show. I started to play the riff, then came the drums and the bass. We had a good time playing this song. We've always loved the Rolling Stones. We played the song that night and the crowd went nuts and we said "damn, let's record it! ". And it sounded good, it's a great song and we wanted to get our version. It's pretty powerful you know.

I had the chance to see you on stage back in 2001 in Lille. Do you remember this show ?
Yes I do. A lot of wonderful people in Lille, we met great fans there, got the chance to talk to a lot of people. These fans were kind of friends you know, there are not just fans. We like these guys. When them come to concerts, We want them to go with memory, you know.

We noticed Phil Mc Cormack seemed to appreciate the opening band that night, Natchez, the french band. I suppose you didn't know them. What did you think of them ?
I mean they were great, they rock, everybody enjoined them.

Are they still together ?
Yes, they're still playing together.

Tell them Hello and tell them to keep good their music alive. We enjoyed playing with them.
We'll tell them. They are about to release a new album.

Good, I and Molly Hatchet wish them the best luck in the world.
Thanks a lot for them.

Natchez and Bobby Ingram in Lille - Dec 2001
Photo by John Molet

Is there a difference between american and european fans ?
You know, southern rock fans, no matter where they live in France, Germany, Europe, Japan, USA, Florida, Jacksonville. I think southern rock have a common bond, and have a common unity. We try to capture that on our live cd, and that's why we recorded it here in Germany. There's a huge worldwide universal southern rock culture that is alive and well you know. We're out there performing the music live. We appreciate all the fans out there and we wanted to show with this live album there's a common bond between all the southern rockers. No matter what country they're from.

A while back, you announced the release of a dvd. Can you tell us about it ?
We're in studio right now, in Hamburg, Germany. We're recording a 25th anniversary record. This is the 25th year of the group, from the first release of the first album, back in 1978. And we'll have a DVD coming out in the fall, as well as an other tour, also in the fall.

You're currently recording in Germany ? Which kind of album are you gonna do ?
We're re-recording all the classic songs. We're re-recording at least one song from every album, 25 year history. And at our concerts, in Europe, at the end of the year, we're gonna be playing songs from every album, throughout the whole tour.

Is there a chance we might see you on stage in France in a very near future ?
As I said we'll be back this fall in Europe and in France, certainly in Lille around christmas time, may be earlier but we're definitely coming back.

Allman Borthers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and 38 Special are about to release a new album. Do you think these bands, and Molly Hatchet are the only ones repersenting Southern rock ?
There's a lot of southern rock bands you know. And some of them are still there after 25 years. They still carry on the legacy and the tradition. We support all southern rock bands.

Which kind of music do you like ?
I like pretty much any kind of music.

We learned Jimmy Farrar recently joined "Southern Rock Allstars". What do you think of it ?
I wish them the best luck.

Thanks a lot for your precious time.
Thanks a lot and hope to see you in Lille.

Molly Hatchet in Lille - Dec 2001
Photo by John Molet


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