Moonshine's interview
by Philippe Archambeau

When and in which conditions has MATANZAS has been created ?

Matanzas was created seven years ago, after I played the US on tour, playing with several Southern Bands. Every member of the band is from the South. I decided to create Matanzas so I could do my own music, instead of cover tunes.

Where do your main influence come from ?
Main influences are country music, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, and Elvis Presley.

Could you present the Band ? Who compose the songs ?
I can present the band, it is my band, and I represent the band. The first CD, I wrote the songs. The second CD, Billy Bodean and I wrote the songs. We are now almost ready to record our third CD. We will be doing that live, and I have written all the songs for it.

Do you live by the music ?
Absolutely! I am my music, and my music is me!

Do you feel like a "Southern Man" ( in a general way ) ?
I am a Southern Man!

Have you already opened a concert for a great band ( as Lynyrd Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet ) If no, do you hope it and for who ?
Yes, several times Lynyrd Skynyrd, Doc Holiday, Foreigner, Clarence Carter, 38 Special, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Lee, Tanya Tucker, Spirit, Dr. Hook, and on March 7th of this year we will be opening for Skynyrd again.

Is MATANZAS released in Europe ? ( cd & concerts ) Would you like to come and play in Europe ?
Our only release is your radio station, so far. We would love to come to Europe! Maybe you can help us get there!

In your opinion what can we hope to MATANZAS ?
Like I said, we are fixin' to release a third CD soon, and hope Matanzas can find its was to a world-wide audience.

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