PLUG N PLAY interview
Interview with: Alan ( guitar) Christophe ( Guitar) and Fred ( Lead Vocal )
John Molet

Hi Plug & Play, we'd like to take the time on this special occasion , the release of your first album, to get to know you
a little better. Web site "Road To Jacksonville" would like to thank you for letting all of the blues & rock fans in France
and "around the world" into your band

All right now, when, where and how was Plug & Play born ?

Alan : Plug & Play started out in 1999 in Troyes (Champagne). At the time, Chris and Alan, the 2 guitarists decided to get together and devote themselves to their all time favorite music.
Then, in order to make a move onwards, they decided to get their old buddies Bruno & Fred to come and sing along, Jean Phi to play the bass, Eric to hit the drum and Richie to conduct the "racket" and a few other stuff...

Fred : Hey … who's talkin' ???

How do you approach music? (is it your job ?)

Alan : In fact, it's rather what you can call a passion, aside for two of us who make a living in the music business, we all have differents jobs. But we've never really been motivated by the money anyways, and it's better that way considering the style of music we're playing...
Fred : Speaking for myself, I'm only in it for the money ! Not so sure about the others...but if I were you , I'd watch out , they are mean hypocrites...

Chris : Damn it , Fred , don't start now , this is serious!!!!

I've chatted with several members of the band before, and I felt a lot of passion in your approach to music , what can you say about that ?

Alan : Well , for one thing staying honest with the music we like and then just being enthusiastic and upright about it, and of course , sharing emotions with the public and friends to keep rock n' roll alive.
Fred : What's he sayin' ???

Without giving out any top secret information, how do you guys works things out?

Alan : In the old democratic way and with a big smile on our face. We try not to get too serious about things.

Chris : I don't exactly agree with Alan on that...

Alan to Fred : I'll bet you don't agree with either one of us...

Fred : Pffftttt ! I'll say ! we were talking hypocrites here….. ? What's « democratic» ???

Those who know you, tend to classify you in the "southern music" category , but as for myself , I've noticed a big influence coming from Texas blues rock ( ZZ Top , Point Blank etc...) Do you guys appreciate southerners such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Allman Brothers, 38 Spécial, etc .. ??

Alan : As the matter of fact, the Allman Bros and 38 Special happen to be two of my favorite bands along with the Outlaws and Gov't Mule, also the more I listen to Skynyrd the more I appreciate them. The french like to categorize but I feel that when the music is good, there's no need for a tag.

Chris : As for myself , I enjoy all of these groups but my heart goes to ZZ Top & Point Blank.

Fred : Hey Alan, who knows us ? Come on , tell the truth now....

RTJ : Well now , let's talk about this bran new album, how did you get it together ??

Alan : We had a few songs of our own that we wanted to put accross to the public, in order to find places to play in.

Chris : In fact, I don't really know anymore, but I guess the recording process is a compelled means towards progression.

How did the recording go ?

Alan : Quite fast, we used 6 tracks for the instruments recorded live and 2 tracks for the vocals. We did it all in 2 weekends , happy faces on , in our usual "la grange" Richie's home studio.

Fred : Bad ! no sun , no drinks, no girls ! A real nightmare !!

Chris : Alan summed it up all right, but we really did get thirsty...

You have a "mister sound", Richie who seems to know the band pretty well ?

Alan : That's right, we've known each other since high school (late 70's), when he first arrived in France coming from the States, covered with Led Zeppelin, Kiss and the others all over his jeans and t-shirts, to us, he really looked like he came from out of space... He's really a member of Plug n Play and also one of the reasons we have a nice sound, we all set a great importance in the way we sound. Plus that, he also writes a lot of the lyrics.

Fred : Who are you talkin' about ??? You went to high school ?? Well, which one ?!?

When I listened to your CD, there was one thing that really disappointed me... ,
there aren't enough songs on it !!!!! Ha, ha, ha, when you like something, you just can't seem you get enough !!!
The way I see it, you guys could of kicked yourselves in the butts to add a few songs !?! Just kidding !!
But anyways, I'm sure you already have a few songs laying around just waiting to be recorded ..... Ha, ha, ha !!!!

Chris: In fact, we like this cool start, keeping things nice and easy allows us to concentrate on one piece at a time, limit the expends while trying to pursue a good quality bases.

Alan : We're already working on the next album, we're learning and learning ... We have very little means so, we must be very strict with ourselves, well organized and aim for good quality, like Chris says.

If you were to fit in other songs or artists, who would you choose ?

Alan : Probably Point Blank or another ZZ Top oldy.

Fred : Speaking for myself, I'd go for a K's Choice, and I love Sarah Bettens ! She's a hell more of a heart on than Dusty Collin ...

Chris: What about a "Calibre 12" song ..

RTJ : In fact, I really loved your album, and what I particularly enjoyed on it which also seems to be your trademark are the vocals, you give it a special treatment by having two lead vocals Bruno and Fred .

Alan: In my opinion, it's probably what counts the most, it's what people hear first anyways. Also, in southern rock music, vocals are always very neat and tidy.

Fred : Alan, what does neat and tidy mean ?

Chris : Fred, cut it out, you're gonna upset him again ...

As a matter of fact, I sometimes wonder if Fred (that son of a gun) isn't more at ease in american then in french !!Ha, ha, ha !!

Alan : Oh yeah, he is (more at ease), he's Richie's brother and therefore has a similar backround ( as well as another close aquaintance of mine ...) ( ??? ) and I can honestly say that Plug n Play isn't the only reason for their using the american language.

Fred : I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM !

By the way, have you ever thought of writing and therefore singing in french ?

Chris : Well, not really, considering that our two writers quote "Shakespeare" as easily as "Molière" and as Alan says Rock n' roll is here to stay ( in english ).

The title "Fred at the drugstore", is there a hidden story behind it ?

Chris: You'll have to listen closely to some of the lyrics of our songs to enjoy the little stories about certain members of the band.

Fred : Chris, are you gonna eat that sandwich ?

Chris : Hey, he wants to steal my sandwich !!

Forward on, what are you expecting now ?

Chris: Well, to move ahead, do our own stuff, music wise that is, and become rich and famous of course .....!!!

Alan: Get around and get the public to listening something that would make them feel like we're playing in their backyard, something loud and alive.

Fred : Money of course !! Don't listen to their bullshit !!!

RTJ : Ha ha ! A very important question .. where can we buy your CD ?

Alan : For the moment at the FNAC in Troyes or by our means directly and hopefully very soon on the web site Compact Dixie.

Fred : That looks good ! What's in there ?

RTJ : And speaking about the web, when will we get to see yours,.. you know with the pictures, concert scenes, concert dates, late news and everything ?

Chris : It's coming, we're gathering the information and all the gear to make it worth looking at.

And here's the inevadable question at RTJ : If you were to live on a desert island and could only bring 5 albums along, what would they be ?

Chris : ZZ Top's Deguello album and Airplane by Point Bank and all that multiplied by 5.
Alan : One of the three famous "Piledriver- Hello- Quo", "The song remains the same" by Led Zeppelin, "Renegade" by Thin Lizzy, "Resolution" by 38 Special, "Life before insanity" by Gov't Mule and in my invisible luggage I'd throw in "Live at Filmore East" by The Allman Bros. and "Desperado by the Eagles.

Fred : Ha ha !! 1. "Almost Happy" by K's Choice; 2. Nougaro Live in Toulouse 2002; 3.Buck Owens Live in Las Vegas 197? ; 4. Thin Lizzy Live-Life ; 5. Joe Jackson Double Live around 1990. And all of Crowded House, 5 albums.. I can't count anyways....

How do you compose your songs ?

Alan : Up to now, Chris and I have been composing separatly our own songs and once they were practically finished, everyone would pitch in and kind of give a personnal touch, Richie and Fred writing the words. But for the futur, we'd like to work more in commun and make it a team work.

Fred : We copy everything, I tell you, everything !!!!!! Do you have a smoke ? Oh, and "long live democracy ! Thumbs down for censure"! And sorry for spitting on your pretty shirt !!!!!!!!
Close aquaintance: "You can go back to sleep now Freddy....".

Well, there you have it, I hope that with this visit, the french public (and more) will have the desire to discover your new album and want to familiarise themselves with the band "Plug n Play ". As far as I'm concerned, I'll be crossing my fingers for you and wishing you the very best to come, there's no question about it, you deserve it !


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