Steve Grisham interview ( Ghost Riders )
by Philippe Archambeau Traduction : Jean Marie Coron - March 2004









Hi Steve, as I recently told you, here are some questions for your interview for the website:
"Road to Jacksonville " . Before we talk about Ghost Riders, can you remind us how and when you started playing the guitar? Steve Grisham : I started playing guitar at age 13. I played piano first, and started on that in about 2nd grade. Then went onto play clarinet in the grade school band.
Then took up drums in Junior High School.

How was Ghost Riders born?

Steve Grisham : Ghost Riders was born with Barry Rapp and myself getting back together.We brain stormed on what we wanted to do, envisioned it in our minds and set about making ita reality. In the beggining, I helped Barry with his solo album, Gypsy Soul. I played guitar on it, mixed and mastered it. Ace Morlan tracked and engineered the session at King Snake Records in Sanford,FL.

Can you introduce the band members ?

Steve Grisham : Jimmy Bennet on lap steel, acoustic and electric guitars, Pug Baker on drums and percussion, Phil Stokes on bass, Barry Rapp on piano and B-3 organ, and Steve Grisham on electric and acoustic guitars. I also engineered and mixed the Fortune Teller album at Mira Vista Studios, my studio in Florida.

Do you all have the same musical influences, tastes and desires?

Steve Grisham : Pretty much. We all have a wide varity of influences, which probably show on this album and will probably come out on the next album even more.

Did you name the band after Outlaw's Album ?

Steve Grisham : I named the band after the song "Riders In The Sky". That song went into the top 40 about 5 or 6 times in the last 20 years, so, I thought that couldn't be a bad name for the band. Plus it helps people identify us with some of our past.

Can you tell us about your first album Fortune Teller ? How did you record it ?

Steve Grisham : We recorded Fortune Teller at Mira Vista on two Roland VS-1680's. No outboard gear, just great mics.

For your album, who wrote the songs ?
Gone South -- Rapp,Grisham
Roots -- Grisham,Rapp
Girls Raised In The South -- Grisham,Rapp
Fortune Teller -- Rapp
Shotgun Run -- Grisham, Campbell
Ballad of GhostRider -- Rapp, Grisham
Song For The Angles -- Bennett
There Goes Another Love Song -- Thamasson, Yoho
Whiskey Drinkin' Woman -- Stokes,Stokes
I Want The Blues Tonight -- Baker, Grisham
Do you have any plans for a new album ? Will it be a live or a studio album ?

Steve Grisham : Yes, there will be a follow up album. We have been shooting footage for our DVD so that is scheduled to come out next. We may release an extended Fortune Teller album in the spring along with the DVD. We are undergoing negotiations with a distributing company now for that.

Which great southern rock band (Lynyrd Skynrd, Allman Brothers, 38 Special, Molly Hatchet and ....Outlaws )
is your main influence ?

Steve Grisham : All of them. I was lucky enough to be around all of these bands when they were going strong and before.
I grew up with Steve Gaines. Toured with Gregg, in One Eyed Jacks, toured with Hatchet and played in Outlaws.

To you, which are the greatest southern rock albums ?

Steve Grisham : If I had to pick it would be the Skynyrd albums.

What "southern rock" means to you ?

Steve Grisham : Southern Rock is a cuture made up of a place, which to me is Florida, the people (laid back),
the music (unpretentious, raw,emotional), life style (sun, beach, bass fishing).

What do you think about new bands playing southern rock ?
Do you see some ones emerging and becoming great bands ?

Steve Grisham : I definitly see a re-emergence of southern rock, it's just starting. The best is yet to come in this second comming.....

Except music, what are you interests or hobbies ?

Steve Grisham : Fishing, mountian biking, camping, golf, and swimming in the ocean.

Traditional question, if you had to spend the rest of your life on a desert island, which albums would you take with you ?

Steve Grisham : Deep Purple--Machine Head, Led Zepplin--3, Skynyrd--live, Bach--Air On The G String, Yes--
Close To The Edge, Mountian--Mountian Climbing.

Thanks a lot Steve for your precious time talking with us. We really hope to see you and the Ghost Riders
play in France.

Steve Grisham : Thank you and everyone for you interest in GhostRiders. It is you folks that will make the band what it is, the direct result of what we do depends on YOU!!!! You always have a say in GRB music. You can alway Email us at: or vist us on the web at: and and let us know what YOU want to hear. And what YOU would like Ghost Riders to do with their upcomming DVD and music. We want the fans to be directly involved in the creative process of the band from all aspects.So don't hesitat to Email and speak you mind or ask questions of ANY band member!!
We hope to tour outside of the US this comming late summer or fall.
Please tell us where you would like to see Ghost Riders perform!!
Thank you Phillippe.


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