Steve Stone (ARS)'s interview
by John Molet - July 2002

In France, we don't hear a lot about ARS. Can you tell us about the current situation ?
We have been doing mainly weekend shows for the past few years and working on different projects of our own.Justin Senker has a local band he plays with called Sanctified. Dean and I do sessions for different artist.Jim has the Snake Doctors, Andy, Dean and Justin are going to be doing some work in Huntsville and Barry has been busy with personal business

During the 70's and the 80's, ARS was a really big southern rock band, do you think ARS is considered the same nowadays ?
We don't have the same popularity as the old days but we are in it for the music and the enjoyment of it anyway

For the last couple years, only Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet came and play in France. Did ARS already come and play in Europe ? Would it be possible nowadays ?
We haven't been in Europe since 1991 but would love to come again

To you, what does southern rock music mean ? DO you think this music still gets many many fans ?
Southern Rock to me is a melting pot of all music it might not have as many fan's as before but they are very loyal

I've been told that you worked on a project with an other band. Can you tell us about it ?
I've worked with many different band's over the last few years the latest project I worked on is a CD coming out soon feathering Levon Helm, Amy Helm, Ronnie Hammond, Gregg Allman, Bobby Whitlock, Dean Daughtry and Many other great musicians called The Allnight Allstars

To you, what are the most influent bands in southern rock music today in the USA ? What do you think of southern rock music's future ?
Well the Allman Brothers And Skynyrd seem to be doing a great job keeping the spirit going and I hope to see it go on.

How did you react to the Sept 11th events ?
I was in shock like the rest of the world.

Do you enjoy the music "Lynyrd Skynyrd", "Allman Brothers Band", and "Molly Hatchet" play nowadays ?
From what I have heard yes I enjoy it. I also like Govt. Mule


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